Monthly Archives: November 2022

November Ends

Knowing it gets steep
December braces to chase
The year marching off

Tuesday Game

I wake with blind spots
Part amnesia, part naive
The wicked day waits

Birthday Away

A frenzied kid text
Her birthday plans pulled a thread
Dorm life, time, and friends

Change to Yes

The abrupt changes
Retirement news and dinner
Each leads to a quest

Last Night of Break

We ran our best play
Game night and backyard fire pit
Tomorrow she leaves

Neighborhood Movement

Breathe in as we walk
Watch Uptown slowly rebuild
Yes, it will come back

Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving regroup
Without tradition, we trip
Then find our footing

Thanksgiving Tomorrow

Holiday jumbled
But it’s not COVID this year
Just the heinous flu

Court Decision

Trump lost his court case
His only play was delay
Now the game resumes

Parental Choices

Despite others’ plans
I snuck away to regroup
Returned with no guilt