Monthly Archives: April 2020

Intellectual Journey

Critical thinking
Logic and data steamrolled
Founding fathers dazed

Waning Opportunity

Quarantine reading
Classics all lined up, waiting
TV wins instead

America’s Path

No need for experts
Now opinions smother facts
They play with our lives

Uptown During COVID

Close unmasked people
Congested lakes, streets and walks
Stay at your own home

Dinner Show

From across the fence
Marinara, toddler, spoon
Brought grins to COVID

Quarantine Continues

The kids want out now
Edges are sharpened each day
Movie night crumbled

Weekend Start

Friday martini
A liquid border from work
Until Monday’s coffee

Corona Distance

Online happy hour
Wish trip to Palm Springs instead
Miss peeps, pups, and pool

The Trump Show

The pandemic news
Running returns of old shows
Based on Trump’s briefings

Coronavirus Days

The days softly switch
With no trace of yesterday
Calendar hostage