Monthly Archives: January 2020

Republican Hustle

Lawless President
And his sycophant brigade
Constitution torched

One Play a Month

A few hours each month
Old language pulls out its sword
My Shakespeare game

Legal Games

“Hey, look over there”
The TV lawyers deflect
Trial continues

Work Travel

Suitcase by the door
Cats give it their best side-eye
Then cry when it’s gone

Fact or Fiction

Hobbled together
Their lines took a deadly shot
From the breaking news

Car Update

New tech seduction
Promise of simplicity
Engulfed by choices


Mueller tricks reused
Obstruction now optional
Condoned by adults


Republican games
Like a mirrored maze of fibs
They never escape

Impeachment Continues

Witnesses silenced
But the story blares and screams
History eavesdrops

Impeachment Circus

As evidence drops
Moscow Mitch imperium
Dire need to conceal