Monthly Archives: April 2023

Social Personalities

She mentioned an app
With personality tests
And there went my night

Yearly Comparison

Art in Bloom this year
Seemed quite muted and lowkey
Why is this year irked?

Quieting Work

Snuck out on Friday
Left the nasty week at home
Work runs to catch me

The Search

The missing AirPods
Becomes a family game
The cats look guilty

25 Years Down

Amongst the chaos
We celebrate her tenure
And toast that moment

Words Behind the Picture

Glare at the picture
Trying to find an angle
Where it feels honest

Talking Head Fired

With Tucker now gone
Fox won’t cut off their addicts
Who feeds off the spin

Time Exists

A sleepy Sunday
Blocks us from Mondays clutches
While we bask in time

Weekend Strategizing

Routine Saturday
Until schedules bump a day
Forced work-like thinking

Day to Day Survival

The rocks fall each day
We brace for random hurdles
Weather it with friends