Monthly Archives: March 2021

Pandemic Spring Break

We packed up some games
And drove three miles from our home
To a swanky suite

Spring Break 2021

Tuesday is better
When it acts like a Friday
Reprieve from routine

College Visit

Two jump on a plane
First night in over a year
That we’re not all home

Minnesota Spring Walk

A rotting pumpkin
Remnant from autumn’s attire
Buried by winter

COVID Habits

Clean, take-out, movies
Saturday’s stuck in a loop
A nap this week…shhh

March’s Last Friday

I trudge through stale tasks
End of an era is close
Next week I pivot

Georgia Power Grab

Desperate white guys
Rig the rules after losing
Choke equality

Corporate Give and Take

Some days the best gift
Is a few canceled meetings
Where is that task list?

Pandemic Irony

The simple pleasure
Of a fresh haircut when I
Scarcely see others

Uneven Mondays

The senior is home
My rundown inbox traps me
She lounges all day