Book Quoting vs. Book Throwing

Alex quotes books in much the same way that Adam and I quote TV shows.  She has a talent for memorizing the words and working them into her day.  This especially holds true for a book about rules:  “No Biting.  What can you bite?  An Apple.”  Such a great book (No Biting! by Karen Katz) for ilustrating the judgement of behavioral decisions.  So armed with my book, I have a quick fix for Owen’s pinching of my face.  I would read the book of some general rules to the little pincher and he would learn right and wrong much like Alex did.  I read 2 words of the book and he took the book and threw it across the room.  Point taken.

Phone Thought

I’m starting to think that it would be nice to have text messaging on home phones (landlines).  It would be useful for quick messages that don’t need any security (can be read by anyone).  It would also be very beneficial if the person is on the phone and does not have multiple lines.  But, I haven’t looked into this at all — it’s probably not a new concept.