Coordination Glitch

Our target leave time
Is the teen’s planned shower time
Flight delay saves us

Back to Back Meetings

Agendas unknown
I maneuver through meetings
Bracing for impact

Headline Conflict

The DOJ flames
Ignite the primary sky
Candidates block news

Cat Choices

It’s the cat’s blanket
He picks fabric over us
No signs of remorse


Late Sunday night
Ignored tasks seize our last hours
As Monday hovers

Snowstorm Surprise

Warnings alert us
To the night’s silent snowfall
Sleep makes us forget

Team Meeting

A simple question
Spawned unrelated word squall
Said nothing at all

Wine Tasting

Wine snobbery game
Snooty stemware and lectures
Missing my cocktails

Non-trial Finale

The threatened jury
Voted not on facts or laws
Feared retribution

SOTU By Impeached Man

His speech reeks of lies
The smell of values aflame
Mitch holds the burnt match