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Embracing Age

Musical racket
Kept us in elevator
Found an empty lounge

First Meeting

Over homemade fare
A steady stream of topics
Linked our distinct worlds

Coordination Glitch

Our target leave time
Is the teen’s planned shower time
Flight delay saves us

Back to Back Meetings

Agendas unknown
I maneuver through meetings
Bracing for impact

Uptown Snow

Snow fills our footprints
As hushed air covers Uptown
No Friday night buzz

Concussion Avoidance

One sick day gone bad
Our extrovert on the loose
We just tried to work

Shirt Shopping

Concert days away
Plus teen in between sizes
Elusive white shirt

First Trip of the Year

Work trip starting line
My retreat from airport buzz
The club is a cheat

Return of School

The night before school
And all through the stressed-out house
Frantic homework dash

New Year’s Pattern

Every darn year
As New Year raps on the door
Frantic donations