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Winter Respite

Melting snow charms but
January will return
With chilling swagger

Resolution Stumble

Just a few days in
I missed my daily haiku
It won’t be my last

Leaving the House on a Sunday

Tried tripe with bourbon
But the dim sum highlight was
The flowing chitchat

Minnesota Winter

Leaving the warm house
With the temp below zero
Happy hour is bait

The Ending of Break

Too lazy to shop
Dinner is getting quite sparse
I cocktail instead

January in Minnesota

Under a blanket
My to do list torments me
Until it too sleeps

Puzzle Games

The prized puzzle piece
Hides and forces new tactics
Laughs when you find him

Christmas Tree Demise

They dazzle until
The new year clearly reveals
Trees on life support


A journal and ink
Trap lofty resolutions
A time vault or charge?


Seventeen’s iced howls
Warns eighteen of its charter
To warm our cold front