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Media Coverage

Instead of polling
Could policies, actions, truth
Feed voting choices?

Dinner at Matt and Holly’s

The “coffee udder”
Snared our relentless chatter
Visuals and all

Better Red

Russian asset Pres
With his empty government
Foreign hands steer us

Parenting Choices

Watching a mother
Not say “no” but talk choices
Must want the push back


Candidates lash out
News teams chase random squirrels
While Trump dismantles

Monthly Shakespeare Goal

Shakespeare play in hand
Good intentions, but sleep wins
I blame the blanket

Holiday Monday

Hubby and daughter
One heads home and one away
Both are flying west

Always Rain for Trump

It rains on Trump’s shows
Like the mud he slings at us
Needs to be cleaned up

Headline Conflict

The DOJ flames
Ignite the primary sky
Candidates block news

Cat Choices

It’s the cat’s blanket
He picks fabric over us
No signs of remorse