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Election Journalism

Reporting on polls
Is easier, not better
Than platform focus

Shirt Shopping

Concert days away
Plus teen in between sizes
Elusive white shirt

Friday Night TV

TV night couch-time
Our opinions thrown like swords
Then we multi-task

Work Week Ends

On plane, heading home
But tomorrow is Friday
That makes it better

IT Workshop

Nuanced stories told
Add to decades of others
Same techie journey

First Trip of the Year

Work trip starting line
My retreat from airport buzz
The club is a cheat

Return of School

The night before school
And all through the stressed-out house
Frantic homework dash

Holiday Clean-up

The mismatched boxes
Conceal our holiday sprawl
Until next year’s cheer

January Reality

Now it’s salad time
Holiday gluttony ends
Not without taunting

Blender Mishap

Offer to help clean
Gladly accepted until
Prepped food was thrown out