Impeachment Continues

Witnesses silenced
But the story blares and screams
History eavesdrops

Impeachment Circus

As evidence drops
Moscow Mitch imperium
Dire need to conceal

Republican Games

Impeachment trial
With no evidence or time
Poor Constitution

Continued Snow

Fluffy flakes drift down
Silently cover iced snow
An apology?

Uptown Snow

Snow fills our footprints
As hushed air covers Uptown
No Friday night buzz

Birthday Snow Delay

Snow and ice flew in
For my mom’s seventy-fifth
And kept us at bay

Concussion Avoidance

One sick day gone bad
Our extrovert on the loose
We just tried to work

Winter Car Delivery

Ghastly new car plan
Til the steering wheel heats up
Winter needs the update

Democratic Debate

The debate soundtrack
Reused topics and answers
While breaking news pops

All School Band Concert

Orders to move chairs
Kids grip instruments and stare
Parents watch band prep