Mueller Report

Reading Mueller’s words
In prep for the seventeenth
Will Congress read it?

The 5th of July

Last night’s fireworks claps
Silenced by today’s work crawl
And scant PTO


Saturday gave up
Sunday braces in silence
For Monday’s return

Independence Day Storms

Our Fourth doused with rain
Tears from our founding fathers
Their voices now mute

Workweek Games

Monday gussies up
And pretends to be Friday
On holiday weeks

Summer’s Foe

Summer’s hot wet breath
Hovered over me until
A cold breeze fought back

The Con

His base feast on lies
He serves them falsehoods of strength
To cover his crimes

The Trump View

Laws are not for me
As your king I now decree
Your intel is mine

Gloomy Monday

Grey gloomy outside
Oozes all over the day
Letting Monday win

April Blizzards…

The city is closed
A swirling snow spectacle
Showed up in April